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Street photography has always been my favorite form of photography because of the raw uniqueness each photo has. I never wanted to shoot the same thing twice. After doing street photography for a few months in Washington DC, NY, and Miami I came to the realization of why it moved me. It is all about the emotion. Emotion literally is “energy in motion” and I realized that if I can add the motion to energy in my photos I can make people feel something. My mom always told me she felt something when she would look at my photos, and countless more people have told me the same. Coincidently, all of the photos I gravitated towards on Instagram were always the ones that made me feel something. It’s hard to describe what that feeling is, its something only the individual can feel because we all have different things that stimulate us and trigger our inner feelings. Photography opened up my awareness to a whole new level, I began to notice all of my surroundings when I would be driving, walking, or doing anything that was outside of the house. I started to pay attention to the exact time the sun would be at a 45 degree angle during the sunrise and sunset. I began to value the every day things we take for granted. With that said I wanted to make the every day things have some sort of significance and value through my lens. Studying these NY photographers really helped me to form my eye. It amazed me how they made every day moments look so extraordinary. After shooting for a few years and meeting 1000s of different people and traveling to over 15 different countries, I learned more and more about what matters and what doesn’t matter, this encouraged me to want to serve a true purpose thru my lens. I decided to create a Humansofswfl Instagram page that will encompass the area of North Fort Myers to Naples. The idea is that we all are one with a million different stories. Each person has something to share whether they believe it or not, and the more stories I would hear the more I realized that we really are all the same living in our own Universe. Unity is strength and unity can only be achieved when it is harmonized and united properly. I realized that I can unite this community one person at a time thru my lens and that is exactly what’s happening.